Saturday, 13 August 2016

Ways to read more in less time.

Reading is cumulative. Many of us have a list of books we need to read 'sometime'. Our problem is that 'sometime' never comes. How can we find time to read when we have no time?

Reading is an indulgence- something we do just for ourselves.

Buy a kindle and read on the train or while waiting for appointments. Library books or tablets will in theory work just fine but most people use a Kindle Paperwhite.

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In order to read much, one must read cheaply. There are many free books on Kindle, even some that are worth reading. In addition one may borrow one book a month from the Kindle lending library free of charge provided one is a Prime member.

It is possible to have PDF documents (which may well be books from elsewhere on the Internet) sent to our Kindles simply by emailing them to the Kindle email that comes with the device. The documents will appear by magic on the front screen when we do so.

Get in the habit of reading at odd times, at a bus station, in a park. Anywhere.

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