Friday, 8 February 2019

February- money for nothing is hard work.

The Cheesegrater.

We are told that honest money is hard work and this message generally comes from people who live easy lives in the establishment such as teachers, preachers and media pundits. I have never seen a drop of sweat on any of them.

The poor people I know, on the other hand, work from morning till night and never see the benefit of it. Maybe there is something wrong with the model they are selling us?

The rich are rich because they have mastered the art of money for nothing. This is not to say they are dishonest. It is simply that they do not sweat. Occasionally they even do some good.

I decided to learn the art of money for nothing by starting small.
A simple thing. Just iron my shirts before they go brown with iron mould- yet difficult to do when one is doing so many other things.
How many unread books do I have? What wisdom do they hold for me and my readers? This seemingly small thing is probably three hundred hours (pleasant) work in the least.
I am looking for cheap ways to treat my pre diabetic condition. Some people recommend drastic calorie reduction. Others recommend only meat. I try to avoid all extremes where my own comfort is involves and am replacing rice with black beans and lentils. This is cheaper than meat, more easily stored and a reasonable sort of compromise as my condition is mild.

Do these three things and you will save a (little) money. Start small.

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

My thousand pound post.


How should I maintain quality on a blog such as this? I enjoy writing but this does not mean that everything is worth reading.

Then it occured to me.

This is a blog about making money. If I am making money then I probably have something worth reading. If I am not making money I should remain silent. I will only write a post each time I transfer £1000 to my investment account! I did this just prior to writing this.

Right now I am boosting my income via my 'money for nothing' initiative. This is finding small savings that add up- if I could do this a thousand times I could be a thousand pounds better off each month and write about it here.

Please wish me luck.

Saturday, 26 January 2019

January is the longest month.


January has the reputation of being a downer. It is a combination of dark days, credit card bills from Christmas and the knowledge that the coldest days are yet to come.

Nevertheless, we are all still here and things will get better.

I have discovered that I can contribute £250 a month towards my Civil Defence fund where previously I could only limp to the end of the month and break even. The reason seems to be that I now have a purpose to my life and so the money appears as if by magic.

Maybe this is how 'the secret' works? Maybe once we are focused upon a dream we begin to budget differently without knowing it? There is a mini-industry that has grown up to sell us the secret. Maybe this is all we need to know and so I have saved you money as you no longer need to buy the books. You are welcome.

I have been so thrifty that I have forgotten the purpose of this blog which is affordable luxury. I will try to do better!

NB The picture is of Kings Place in London which is an art space run by the Guardian newspaper. This is a sculpture of a giant insect that has been eaten alive by an egg that has hatched within it. Nice.