Saturday, 15 September 2018

Kindle privacy.

The most recognizable statue in London is someone who never lived.
We may mind our own business and bother no one but this does not mean someone is not minding ours. Keep personnel ignorant of your views. 

  • Punishment for wrong opinions does not come from the law. It comes from an army of gossips you will never identify.

  • Many of us have Kindles now. These are useful because they have no picture covers but they can still be read over the shoulder. We may prevent the snooper from knowing the title of the books we read using the following methods.
  • Set up an access number on the front screen. This prevents the idle snooper from tapping the screen and seeing all that one has read recently.
  • Organise ones reading into 'collections'. The primary purpose of the collection is to make it easier to find books we already have. They also keep the titles of the books we own off the top screen and out of view of snoopers.
  • Turn off 'suggestions' if it is possible to do so (not everyone can). Suggestions is an Amazon marketing tool that suggests things we may like based upon past reading. The problem is that if someone else sees our suggestions they will have a good idea of our reading habits.
  • Most normies are so bored they may persecute us out of boredom.

How to be lucky.

Those who are open to adventure are open to luck.

I make new friends, see opportunity and am generally 'lucky' in new environments. In familiar environments I get stuck.
  • The more we mix and combine with other people the better. We may seem to socialize uselessly but we are actually giving the world the opportunity for a lucky chance encounter.
  • It is not that some people are born lucky. It is that some people place themselves where good luck may be found.
  • To be lucky, to discover life- ditch planning. Wander. Take every free thing that life gives you. Say 'yes' more.

The Cost of Stuff.

All this will be rubbish one day.
'Stuff' costs time, money and mental energy. There is also the opportunity cost of other things not purchased.

  • The pain we feel while leaving our lovely things on the shop shelf is less than the pain of curating then for twenty years. The money we save is a bonus.
  • The less 'stuff' we have the freer we are likely to be as well.

It casts a long shadow.

The shadow cast is larger than the thing itself.
The notion that things happen for a reason is egotism. It places us in the center of the universe. All things pander to us.

It also makes us the slave to invisible forces that reward and punish us. We are not that important.

  • The solution is to admit our smallness in the universe. We can then accept the good things that come to us without guilt or feeling we must share the spoils with some God or spirit.
  • Religion tells us to be humble but also tells us the creator of the universe stalks us and obsessed over our every word and thought- making us greater than God in some way.
  • Conspiracy theorists fall into the same trap. Everything bad that happens is the fault of lizards or some dark cabal- and everything is ultimately about the conspiracy theorists because the lizards have nothing better to do than harass them, mess up their WiFi and make the buttons fall from their shirts at inconvenient times.