Saturday, 17 October 2020

The first £60

My logic is simple. If I can make £60 from some place (online, via investments or some other way- anything other than a regular job) then I can make £600. I need only do the £60 thing repeatedly until I get there. The same logic applies with £6000 and so on.

I have a strong intuition that the first £60 will be as hard as £6,000,000 because it is the creative thought only needs to be done once.

Doing this is as much a spiritual battle as anything else. and this accounts for the picture above. (A church in the City of London that has a nice coffee shop inside). I sat for a while wondering if my quest was a worthy one and I decided it was. If I can make money honestly and productively then others can too. Honest work lifts the spirits like nothing else and it gives people a certain freedom. It makes it possible to lift ones nose above the struggle to pay the following months rent.

And so to work.. ten pounds is both a very small sum and a large one if all I have done in my life is work for an employer. My first task therefore is to change my mental outlook. One way I intend to do this is to work on this blog for an hour a day. This will focus my mind upon the tasks ahead.

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

What may be done?

Here is a useful excercise. We may wish to be our ideal selves but how will we know when we have achieved it? This is my own list and I am surprised to  see that many things have been achieved already.

I nust achieve thinness without pain. What is the point of being thin if one is in an agony of self denial from morning to night? Such a state is unlikely to last and may never be enjoyed. My ideal self enjoys his food but has no food compulsion or addiction. 20% achieved.

I must be liked by women. This need not involve a sex life like the Playboy Chanel but women should trust me and enjoy my company. I see women as conformation I am OK far more than men for some reason. 40% achieved.

I would like to dress well but will only buy clothers when I am my desired shape.

So what may be done?

Thiness without pain. I eliminate unconcious eating so far as I am able. This often involves sitting
in front of a packet of cookies and then discovering they gave gone (into my mouth) while I was thinking of other things.

Being liked by women is hard in my cluture as England tends to be suspicious of  male motives. I have put it on hold for a while until my new and thinner body arrives.

Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Hello Tuesday!

I read an article on time chunking. Devoting Tuesday to a single mission is my attempt to follow its advice.

Tuesday will (initialy) be a day of coffee shops, quiet reading and philosophy. I think life can be better.