Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Learn to cook.

Men have always cooked. It is only modern culture that turns a man in the kitchen into a freak show. Most of the world considers it unremarkable.

The most common objection I hear is that cooking takes too long. In fact it can be quicker than calling for a takeaway.

A photo posted by Richard Ford ( on

Scenes from St James.

Helplessness in the kitchen can quite appealing to a certain kind of woman and some men play upon this. This is probably where to notion that men cannot cook originally came from. Then the male feminist cashed in by making great play on the fact that they do in fact cook- as if this were remarkable and difficult.

We can measure our collective learnt helplessness by examining the 'labour saving' products in any supermarket. I even saw heat and serve ready made coffee a little while ago.

Have we really forgotten how to make coffee?

The better we cook the less we will be preyed upon by products such as this.

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