Monday, 22 February 2016

The greatest show on earth.

The modern world seeks to reduce the human to a machine. We are expected to hold the same acceptable opinions and to believe in brand names rather than values.

Many escape to a more humane past in revolt against the machine world. We would not enjoy the plumbing or the dentistry of a past age but the the human spirit lives on.

I love to wander in the city. Not only is this a cheap hobby but it teaches us about human beings and therefore about economics.

The clues are often obvious- the problem is that we cannot see the obvious.

Learn to look at things. Really look. The large photo is of a carving I found on the gates of the Royal Academy of Art in London. Few people notice it.

Here we see a dead elephant and an upright bat. We see two sexy angels- in bondage. Look closely and you will see their arms are tied with a silk scarf.

What are our ancestors telling us?

Learn to see the things should not be there. They have been put there for us to discover and decode.
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