Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Five ways to blag free stuff.

First develop the habit of walking. Observing the ebb and flow of life is great entertainment and teaches us about human nature.

We will be given free samples of new products. Favor a retailer with our custom and then stop. We will be sent gift vouchers to tempt us back.

Negotiate. Always ask for a discount. Appear to be wealthy. The rich pay less for everything because they have the potential to become valuable customers if they return.

Walk around wealthy areas. You will be given free stuff simply for being there. This is because you will be assumed to have money and therefore worth cultivating. This tea shop/museum in the City gives free tea to anyone who visits it.

Make something out of nothing. I saw a travel set on sale a while back.This consisted in plastic pots to put toothpaste and other things in so that they will not be confiscated by airlines. Rather than do this I used the micro marmalade pots that came with my breakfast. They have more character than plastic pots and are of course free.
Free tea and a small museum here.

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Fleet st and free jam.

Blagging can be an interesting hobby in its own right. Nothing tastes sweeter than free food and the art of obtaining it teaches us much about economics and human nature.

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