Monday, 8 June 2015

The Invisible Man.

I am the invisible man. Do not feel sorry for me. I wear the uniform of invisibility by choice- the shabby suit of a security guard coming off shift.

Who wishes to interact with a security guard after all? Security guards are obstructions like rocks in a fast flowing river- always asking us to prove who we are.

Nobody speaks to a security guard by choice.

I have worked on my invisibility for years, grown fat, but no so fat that children stare and point. Fat enough for women to look through me. Not so fat that I overflow my seat on the tube.

I am the invisible man. The world cannot see me but their loss is my gain. I see the drama of the world like none other. People talk in my presence as if I were not there and so they invite me into their private lives without knowing my name or my face.

It is not so bad to be invisible. The less we are seen the more we see.

NB Please note that my money experiments are being transferred to the Financial Independence Blog.

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