Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Single person frugal slob diet.

This guitar near the Mansion House is left for public use. Sometimes we see a City worker singing quietly to themselves before or after work.


  • Go to work with a slab of Belgian. dark chocolate in the backpack. It is Monday and we all need cheering up. Dark Belgium chocolate is suddenly good for us and we should eat as much as we can before the media changes its mind yet again. Buy it in Aldi or Lidl. The quality is good.
  • Pack a brown rice based dish in the rucksack. This is dirt cheap and more filling than white rice. It is easy to cook too.
  • Have pizza when we return from work. This allows us to use up any salad and scraps that may be in the fridge and start the week with a clean sheet.
  • The most effective diet- and the best for general health appears to be the 5:2 diet. This advises five days of normal eating and two days on non continuous light fasting. A large smoothie and green tea will therefore suffice until evening and then some salmon, rice and vegetables.
  • Two days of continuous fasting are not advised so we will have some burritos or similar easy to make and transport meal. Fruit juice or smoothie to wash it down.
  • Full evening meal with vegetables. Generally the more vegetables one eats the thinner one will become because they fill one up without many calories. Apart from this there is no need to think about it much.
I will always take breakfast at the Crosse Keys at 6 Gracechurch St in the City. This is so that I may be available to the (largely imaginary) fans of this blog.
  • A sandwich in the afternoon.
  • This is my second fast day and is a repeat of Tuesday.

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