Sunday, 29 June 2014

Never trust a poor economist.

Never trust a poor economist.

If the world had followed this advice then we would have been spared the horrors of Marxism. Karl Marx sponged off Engels his entire life and never held an honest job.

The real charge against Karl Marx was not his idleness but his financial incompetence and his parasitism. He was actually quite a wealthy man due to his great skill as a manipulator and yet he was so incompetent as a money manager that he could not (would not) feed his children and would pay his maid only her keep.

This is a man we are expected to respect as moral authority and an economist.

Rant over.

I write about economics because it is better at explaining human action than psychology and better at explaining politics than politics. I believe it to be the central science of life.

Yet.. why should you believe me? If I am poor it would be better if you did not!

I could be another Karl Marx!

This is why I write about applied economics. It is quite easy to lie to people over the Internet but I cannot lie to myself. I must apply my theories to my life successfully before I will allow myself to write about them. There is nothing more dangerous than an expert to cannot do what he teaches.

We all have a duty to prosper. If the Manosphere does not bring success and happiness then we will not be followed. It will not deserve to be followed.

There are other reasons to have money too.

Many of us pursue the holy grail of Alpha and yet most would archive this state instantly if only we had money. The aspiring pick up artist would do better to invest his boot-camp fees or spend the money on creating a truly attractive life. This is what the boot-camp will tell him to do anyway.

Economics can also guide us to happiness. We only understand our own values and pleasures when we observe what we spend money on. We may tell ourselves that we are one person and yet our actual spending reflects another person altogether.

Our money is our life- a window to our soul.

We should not feel bad when we discover who we are. We should take this information and use it to make peace with ourselves.

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