Thursday, 2 May 2013

Your stomach is a child.

The stomach is like a child. It wants the familiar and it wants it now.

I used to eat junk food out of necessity. I had a job with unsocial hours and healthy food was not available. Now my stomach demands the same when better is available. It reminds me of a child who demands the same stories be read to him over and over again.
A photo posted by Richard Ford ( on

The forst photograph (for no particular reason) is a statue of Tony Hancock in Birmingham while the second is a Romanian Orthodox church in London.
Just like a child it will scream and complain when it does not get what it wants, but it will quieten down when it realises there is no point in further complaint.

Be the wise parent who is not bullied by the child.

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  1. I've been making a habit of it, over the past few years, to start packing my own food rather than eating out.

    For example, quite often traveling here in Canada for me is a full day deal (12-14hrs), and I have stopped buying my meals in restaurants in favour of packing a cooler of kaiser buns, sausages, cheese etc. plus soda and water. It costs around $40-50 to eat at a restaurant three times in a day, but I can stop by the grocery store and have a day's meals for under $10.

    Same as when I go on holidays. I don't travel to other places to sit in McDonald's in another town. So, I make a point of it to stop at grocery stores and make my own food to take along with me wherever I go. Over a week or two of vacationing, it saves several hundred dollars. Plus, you get to eat in far more interesting venues - perhaps a viewpoint picnic table overlooking the ocean, rather than looking at McDonald's red chairs and tan tables, which could be located anywhere in the world.


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