Sunday, 31 March 2013

Poverty is a habit.

Why does money just disappear? Why does it never return in the same mysterious manner?

Poverty is a habit just as untidiness is a habit or excessive eating is a habit. A change of income will not change the habit of being poor any more than it will make us tidy. There is a saying that sums this up- easy come, easy go. If we have not suffered for our cash we will tend not to value it very much.

I suggest we wake up and spend our money with the same thought that we (or someone else) put into earning it.

The wonderful thing about doing this is that we will appear to succeed by magic. Money will simply be there for us.

Most of us know this- but we need to hear it over and over again to remind ourselves.

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I visited Birmingham a while ago. This is a city built my manufacturers with their own money. The thing that impressed me most was the money and care spent on buildings- even quite mundane buildings such as bicycle workshops and warehouses. Every penny that was invested in these buildings was paid for in sweat and sleepless nights and so nothing could be ugly.

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