Saturday, 4 May 2013


On this level we will learn about loyalty schemes and how to use them, but sometimes the cheapest option is to avoid them completely and go for the no frills retailer.

I am the greatest fan of ALDI which has the most loyal customers in the UK- so I am in the majority for once.

ALDI offer cheaply built shops, no loyalty points, own brands and a limited range. They also offer top quality.

Non ALDI shoppers see the first four factors and miss the last one. They assume that food that is cheaply sold must be cheap food. Not so.

ALDI brands shadow existing brands so that you know what you are getting. The packaging always resembles something else but does not deceive the customer.

These are not special offers. ALDI go for an 'every day low pricing' model.

Interestingly they have partially dropped this successful formula by introducing their 'everyday essentials' range that is even cheaper and does not shadow any existing brand.

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