Friday, 29 December 2017

Cheap eats in the City.

Q- The City of London is the wealthiest place on earth. It is possible to eat cheaply there?

It my ambition for 2018 to become a full time currency trader on my own account. In order to do so I must learn to live cheaply because there will be days when I lose money rather than make it. Fortunately there are cheap cafes within reach of the dealing rooms. Here are three of them.

This is a breakfast baguette from Temples/Fuzzies Grub (sharing the same premises). Two sausages, two fried eggs and two rashers of bacon. The difference between this and Subway is that this one has authentic flavour and Subway does not. The cost was £3.50 which is cheap for London. Service was quick and everything was clean. The ownership of this cafe is quite unclear as there seem to be two outfits using the same name.
This is KFC which is quite a surprising chain to find in the City. Many of them are hidden in historic areas and carry no sinage. The only way to find them is by scent!

This one had a slightly dissolute and sinister air as it was entirely full of men hunched over mobile phones or muttering quietly among themselves in languages I could not identify. The great majority were couriers of one sort or another waiting for their next job and therefore quite safe.

I chose the three piece original variety meal at £6.50 which is quite filling on its own but in addition to this I was given some free extras provided by the loyalty scheme. This is the best cafe based scheme I am aware of. I would advise you all to download the app and to use the following code when you register it- 234B97. If you do so we will both get bonus chicken.
Finally we have my beloved Crosse Keys where one can get a sit down meal for about the same as KFC but without the loyalty scheme. I hold my Finance Friday breakfasts here each Friday morning at 8.30. All are welcome. Free WiFi.

A- It is possible to have breakfast in the City for as little as £2.

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