Thursday, 10 August 2017

When is it worth paying more?

Q- Is cheap always frugal?

When we buy cheap sausages we find that they shrink in the cooking and we are left with a salty, chemical laden granular and nutrition free insult. The 'meat' of the sausage turns out to be fat that escapes as a foul smelling effluent and ground skin and bone which is all that remains.

Quality sausages are delicious and actually cost less when we consider that meat does not shrink in the same way. Furthermore our bodies will thank us for it later.

Table sauce is much the same. The entire point is the flavour and the potential of cheap sauce to ruin already bad food is huge. Spend a little more.
Very cheap socks have a sort of ridge along the bottom that mean they are never quite comfortable. The difference between these and similar socks without the ridge amounts to only a few pennies a pair.

A- Sometimes quality pays.

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