Friday, 4 August 2017

Change the blog, change the life.

Q- Is it possible to refocus a life by changing the focus of a blog?

I have worked out what is wrong with my blog- and it is the same thing that is wrong with my life.

Both are a list of cool things that I might do if only I had the time.

It is only natural that my blog might develop in this way. I was working as a security guard when most of it was written. This gave me the freedom to surf the Internet and research all sorts of wild schemes- yet at the same time it denied me the time to action them. I was reminded of this as I visited an exhibition of future developments in the City of London. The models displayed here (no matter how well researched) were only as impressive as the Corporations ability to get them built.

Fortunately I now have the money to go part time and do some of the things I have planned. As I do so I will rewrite each of my articles to tell you how my schemes work in reality.

A- Yes. A blog is a way to focus ones thoughts- by writing a more focused blog one can live a more focused life.

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