Monday, 12 June 2017

Virtue Signalling and its alternatives.

Q- Is it possible to do good in the world without advertising the fact?

Virtue signalling is a deadly trap that transforms our natural desire to have others think well of us into a meaningless ritual of tacky plastic wristbands and Facebook posts of sad faces.

The answer is not to become entirely self serving but to develop activities that actually do some good while at the same time expressing our true values.

We may argue that this remains a form of virtue signalling but of a more honest and more useful kind.

The first step is to sit alone with a piece of paper in front of us and work out what our true values are. This cannot be done with any other person as they must be our own values and not the values that others approve of.

Take as long as is needed. The benefits of this exercise last a lifetime.

Once we have discovered our own true values we may work out practical ways to advance them. This generally amounts to more than posting teardrop emoji on our Facebook accounts. We are looking for practical real world solutions to real problems.

Once we have done this we are free to post what we do to Facebook- these activities have become an interesting part of our life. The main difference is in the motivation. We do good because we wish to do good- not because we wish others to think us good.

A- Yes. In fact this is the only way.

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