Friday, 19 August 2016

Self education is real education.

What are the advantages of self education?

Education helps us form our own view and as a result cannot be left to governments.

Self education is free.

Learn what you need to know- not what authority wishes to teach you.

Learn at the time and location of your choosing.

Various scenes in the City.
The only true education is self education because all learning occurs under ones own steam. A student may spend years in an expensive university but learning only takes pace when he applies his mind to the subject. In other words even university education is self education that occurs within the walls of a university.

Self education expands the mind and is motivated by curiosity rather than approval seeking. It is about thinking rather than remembering.

The state cannot educate, it can only indoctrinate because educated citizens are disobedient citizens. Actual education is always to some degree illegal.

Self education is quick, generally practical and more enjoyable than passive methods.

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