Friday, 30 October 2015

Choosing our problems wisely!

It is a terrible thing to be without problems. We will surely create problems from nothing to fill the gap.

Freud said 'neurosis is a substitute for legitimate suffering' and on this occasion I believe him.

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If you lack inspiration do not look within. Look without.

I think Freud came to this view because the majority of his patients had comfortable lives and no obvious reason to be unhappy. Most were women of the upper class who were provided for by their husbands but who had no housework to do because the family had servants. The mind therefore wandered in search of something to worry about. We see something similar today with the Social Justice Movement.

What is a human being but a problem solving machine? We have minds that love to solve puzzles and spirits that delight in meeting challenges. What are we to do when all of our real problems are resolved?

To avoid neuroses we should choose a hard path in life. We should resolve to create something of value and in this way expose ourselves to every small minded bigot available. This will distract us form our own neuroses and maybe make us great.

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