Monday, 18 August 2014

What is the Slow Diet?

In the west it is the rich who are thin and the poor who are fat. A strange reversal.

We see the same thing in other areas. Rich people have more opportunity to make foolish purchases but are less likely to do so.
The common factor here is mindfulness. The wealthy go through life making conscious decisions while the poor seem to believe that their actions are not in their own control.

Getting thin develops willpower. This is nothing more than doing what one intends to do and is the foundation of all achievement. It is not something we are born with but something we earn through sweat.
A photo posted by Richard Ford ( on
The photographs are from Oxford. On a side note, the medieval street plan tends to encourage weight loss as it encourages walking. Modern planning tends to encourage car use.

Wealthy people are more aware of what they put in their mouths in the same way they are more aware of where their money goes. One reason I remain poor is that I still look back over my past actions and wonder what I was thinking at the time (not much- I was on auto pilot.) This is also the reason I am fat.

The Slow Diet is 'slow' because weight loss is not the main aim. The real aim is to develop the mental habits of wealthy, thin people. Once this is done the weight will handle itself.

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  1. Being thin has to do with "inner game." Or, in female think, confidence.

    I went from 209lbs all the way down to 157lbs. Although, illness helped.

    What I found odd though, was when in the mid 160's range, I was supposedly in my prime BMI range, which I found to be nonsense, because I was ridiculously skinny. At 6'1", 180lbs is certainly not out of optimal BMI.

    At any rate, I am now at around 175lbs. It does transfer into my psychological state, because I feel better about myself - regardless of what the opposite sex thinks - and feeling better about myself makes more confident... which leads to more aggression in the business market... which leads to more wealth, and so on.


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