Friday, 7 March 2014

An experiment in loafing.

It is not how much we do that matters. It is how much we experience the doing.

I work only a few hours a day- and I cannot live on what I earn. What is the solution? Most people would say I should work harder but I am beginning to doubt it.

When I look at the hard working people I see only quiet desperation. London has become so expensive that only Russian Oligarchs and the destitute can live here. Everyone in between is ground to dust like wheat between two millstones.

I prefer to follow the example of the rich and not their advice.

The rich insist upon their freedom. They may work hard in but they always retain control of their time.

Why not do the same? Why not refuse to work for others in the most valuable hours of the day (between 9 and 5)?

Rather than sell your peak hours- work in the periods you are less productive such as early in the morning. This astonishes some people so much that they will pay you for doing very little and you will be free to pursue your projects here as well. The result is freedom. Freedom to be busy on my own projects rather than true idleness.

A world of possibilities seem to open up to me as I write this. Many of them are imaginary- but this is the nature of possibilities. There is noting certain about a possibility.

Tax, government and bureaucratic obstructions.

The rich manage their relationships with government. Most of them pay very little tax. Government is the friend of the rich- not just because they are rich but because they have time to manage the relationship.

Poor people can emulate this by investigation exactly how the system works and applying for everything available. Socialism is a disaster for the poor because they lack the knowlage and government contacts to make it work for them. This is one reason wealthy people generally support the left- the state is a machine for collecting money from the ignorant and distributing it to those on the inside. The wealthy are always insiders.

Trading and financial investigations.

I wish to become a professional trader and the most important part of this phrase is the word professional. Trading is a job and it is necessary to study the subject as I would study any other profession. This involves more than random reading in odd moments. I must create some structure to it.

People generally prosper to the extent they are connected. If I am to work early mornings and still meet people at night I must sleep a few hours in the day. It would be sensible to do this at the week's halfway point.

Self education day.

I need a general education as well as an education in trading. Part of this will be to safeguard my day job which I must continue to treat with respect.

Friday is a good day to relax a little and to learn lessons from what came before. If there are interesting I will write them up in my 'Friday review'.

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