Sunday, 24 November 2013

Welcome! This is Buy Nothing Day!

Food, Power and Water are all OK.


  1. I have days like this - trying to live on $150/week, after rent etc. At $20 a day, plus being a smoker, which takes up close to half of my daily allotment of cash (Bad Habit!), I find myself quite often having to tell myself, "NO SPENDING TODAY" and I'll make it to the weekend when I transfer another $150 into my account.

    But, it is noticeable that there is not much noticeable difference in "no spending days."

    Did that $1.75 coffee in the morning REALLY affect your life so much?

    Did that pop for $2.20 REALLY quench thirst so much?

    "Coughs!" Did that $8.50 pack of smokes really enhance your life today?

    1. make your own cigs.
      I pay $10 / lb for cheap tobacco and $8 for tubes and get 2 cartons out of it.


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