Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Green Olive Laundry Soap.

Green laundry soap may be found in UK supermarkets. It comes in beautiful packaging and has become trendy among the middle class. 

I discovered this product in Italy, most laundry seemed to be done with large square blocks of soap made of olive oil. This was due to the shortage of washing machines. It is available here as well and is used for virtue signaling purposes. I do not recommend using the soap exclusively- I just use it on the stubborn stains and then wash as normal.

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Oxford is a place where green soap is trendy.
This is preferable to blasting our clothes with chemicals and then using an extended boil wash (for ecological reasons). Using green soap also saves a great deal of money.

The soap may be seen as a prepping resource. One can use the soap to do the laundry in the bath if the power goes down.

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