Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Advertisers play upon our insecurities and what could be more effective than convincing us that we smell? We would never notice this ourselves and our friends would not tell us.

Advertising is like politics. It creates a problem and then solves it- for a price.

A photo posted by Richard Ford ( on
Two examples of accidental beauty in Oxford. A house with a royal crest that was maybe a government building at some point and the entrance hall to Oxford town hall. Both of these are functional structures that were built in an age when function did not mean ugly.

Buy some ordinary bathroom soap. Deodorising soap is probably the best but I have not noticed any difference myself. Unwrap the soap and place it in your clothing drawers and in your laundry bucket. Place more soap any place that you would expect smells to accumulate. A china bowl full of multi-coloured bath soap looks arty and probably neutralises smells better than an expensive chemical spray.

Plus you can wash with it.

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