Saturday, 21 September 2013

18 more years of health.

Q- Can one extend ones life by moving to another location?

There is an area of London like no other and this is Richmond. It is a small town of perfect beauty clustered around a deer park. Yet all is not as it seems. There are lakes and hills and trees that are strangely perfect like those in a dream or a fairy tale. In fact they were designed by man as nature perfected.

The same might be said of the town itself. It is just too perfect to quite believe. Every street and lane has a particular symmetry and balance. This too was planned while appearing to be natural.

To visit is to take a short holiday in Eden and to returned strangely healed and nourished.

Yet there is something more. Something stranger. Nobody gets ill and life expectancy is 18 years longer than other parts of London.

Get rich. Get a house in Richmond and live there a long, long time.

A- There are many variables to longevity but I am convinced that beauty is one of them. This was the belief of all ancient peoples.

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