Saturday, 18 May 2013

Measures of Freedom.

All that is measured improved. This is a management saying but it is true of an individual life as well.

If we are serious about being free we must measure it- or how will we know if we are getting closer or further away?

My own favoured measure is the number of hours a week that must be worked in order to survive.

A person who can survive on ten hours work is more free than one who must work fifty. The person working fewer hours simply has more time available for the business of living and sharing.

A photo posted by Richard Ford ( on

Two random photographs from the City of London. A surprisingly beautiful place.

Most people voluntarily  surrender their freedom. The most common way this is done by incurring debt. This compels him to work longer hours to keep up with the debt payments and ensures he does not benefit from his labors.

There is nothing selfish in keeping your money safe from predators. There are people who make their living from industrial accidents on your premises.

Protect your time as well as your money. Time wasters are stealing from you!

Reduce the hours you work. This means you will have less need of junk food and so on so some of the money you do not earn comes to you by other means.

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