Friday, 17 May 2013

Eat more, weigh less.

Most of the time I am fat. I do not let this upset me because I recognise that it is a choice- I really do love my food.
Despite my love of kebabs I am losing weight. How can this be so?
Willpower is finite. If we use it up uselessly then we will have none left when the real battle comes. Fat people talk about willpower and never get thin. Willpower does not work!

Ideally one should add temptations to life rather than subtract them. Develop a taste for fruit smoothies and frozen yogurt. When the hour of temptation comes we may give in to the 'good' temptation not the bad.

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  1. A lot of the fattening carb-heavy foods do not satiate hunger and they spike your blood sugar so that you just end up hungry again in a few hours. Like you said, willpower isn't the solution, developing new temptations is the right way to go. Real fruit contains a good amount of fiber, which contributes to feeling full and moderates the absorption of the sugar slightly.


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