The author.

I am finding this page the hardest to write.

My motivation for this blog is to give others the same hard earned freedom I have gained for myself.

When this blog was born I was a nervous wreck. I was facing eviction and would not answer the door for fear of the bailiffs. My mind resembled a washing machine going round and round with the same thoughts following themselves round in an endless cycle. I never found rest and yet nothing ever changed.

The blog started out as therapy. If I could write my thoughts down maybe I could still my mind and find some peace?

It worked to a degree- and more than this it gave me hope. I paid off my debts and cut my hours of work which gave me the clarity of mind to rewrite everything.

What you read here is the product of five years blood sweat and toil- as long as the second world war!

So what of the future? I hope to get richer and richer of course- and I hope to make the blog better too. I have one hundred and fifty mothballed posts that I will reintroduce once I have updated them. I have a years worth of material at three posts a week.

I am also developing a social media presence to drum up readers for the blog. If you would like to exchange links with me- please do!

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