Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Quidco, Avios and Apps.

Q- Is there such a thing as a free lunch?

Free stuff may be had- but only if we spend a little first.

I aim to spend £200 a quarter on luxury goods and to use this as a trigger to receive 'free' things in addition to them.

These may be free samples, invitations, discounts or loyalty points. In business, free things are only ever given to those who have shown an ability to spend money in the past. This may seem unjust (why should the rich get free stuff when they could easily pay for it?) but it makes economic sense. Why should a company spend money promoting their brands to people who will never have the money to spend on them?

The picture above is of a free cake and a hot drink I am about to eat in The Place to Eat- a cafe owned by he John Lewis department store. You may learn more by following my progress here.

Fortunately we do not have to be a Russian oligarch to pull this off. I believe just £800 a year will do the trick and produce several hundred pounds of 'free' goods that are enjoyable mainly as a means to break the monotony of life.

A- Yes and no.

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