Monday, 22 August 2016

HSBC Premier- secret treasure.

Mass affluence is a term bankers use to describe the customers they really want. These are the mass affluent customers who are showered with every kind of gift and favour that the bank hopes the average customer remains unaware of.

I wish you all mass affluence!

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Interior and exterior views.

With £60,000 HSBC investments I will  qualify for HSBC Premier. This offers some snob benefits such as using the funny little Premier branches located in the larger HSBC branches. These offer comfortable seats, better coffee and even higher resolution monitors for the Internet banking. More usefully I will receive better interest rates and a loyalty program for my card purchases.

In fact HSBC Premier is a complete bank within a bank. Only specially qualified staff may answer the phone and only specific staff may advise me. In addition I am offered free extended warranty and free travel insurance.


  1. This is a good way to save a small amount of money. It has nothing to do with getting rich. You don't get rich saving money. You get rich making money.

    1. You get rich by saving money, so that you have what is known as capital.

      Then you take that capital and invest it, either in a business of your own, or something that pays a higher return than inflation.

      That, is Capitalism in a nutshell.

      And it is founded on saving money so you have capital to invest.

      Everyone I know seems to know how to make millions of dollars... but hardly anyone I know seems to know how to save the $10,000 which, when invested properly, creates $100,000 worth of capital... which can be re-invested to make you a millionaire.

      Everyone I talk to knows how to make millions... but they are not millionaires because they don't know how to save $10,000 worth of investment capital to start the process.


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