Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The less we need, the more we are given.

No model of any note goes to a nightclub without first being paid to turn up. The dress she wears is free and her jewellery pays rent for hanging on her elegant neck.

The rich pay less for everything.

The same is true (to a lesser degree) for the wealthy man. The more he is admired by other men the less it costs him to live well.

A photo posted by Richard Ford ( on
Luxury and thrift in the City.

Famous faces are given free upgrades on airlines because business class travel is an airborne travel club- and what is the point of being in a club full of people poorer than ourselves? In order to sell overpriced tickets to the many they must give free tickets to the few.

There is no justice.

There is no such thing as 'the price'. 'The price' is a superstition poor people believe in.

Women get free things for being admired by other women. Men get free things for being admired by men.

Retail price is for poor people.

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