Friday, 22 July 2016

Flaneur, the hobby that pays.

Flaneur means 'stroller' in French. To be a flaneur is to walk around with ones eyes open and seeing things that others do not. I have written on the pleasures of being a flaneur in London Gentleman Revival, but there are financial advantages too.

This morning I had a 'mega melt' breakfast from subway at less than half the normal price. I was able to do this because I checked my subway app for special offers before visiting. Most people do not do this.

I noticed this sign- free food! My favorite!! Simply strolling about earns me a free meal once every ten days on average.
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New restaurants are often willing to give away food when they first open. Slightly more strange were the bread and limes hidden in the Bank of England shrubbery. This is the third occasion I have found them there.

Fortunately I do not need to make a meal of bread and limes in my lunch break but if I were then being a flaneur might save my life.
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