Sunday, 5 June 2016


The success industry urges us to be brave, to invest in our future (by buying expensive seminars mainly) and to trust that the universe will be provide- but how wise is this in reality?

Brave people are found at the extremes of life. They are either completely free or they are in prison. They are either millionaires or bankrupts.

Both photographs show architectural courage. The first is Liberties in London. A department store built from the last two sail-ships in the Royal navy. Here you may find things it is not possible to buy anywhere else. The second is Birmingham city center, built with the proceeds of the industrial revolution. A reckless investment in the future!
The art is to find the correct level of courage and generally it is more than we are showing now. There is also an ethical consideration. How can I write a blog on becoming free if I do not take the next logical step? I have shown you how to get out of debt yet I remain in my un-creative but safe job. Is there a contradiction here?

It is true that I have never advised my readers to abandon a safe cash cow so I am not a hypocrite but I feel I should offer more. People do not read finance blogs just to get by. They read finance blogs to be stinking rich!

Should I be making real money?

Oddly enough I have little interest in money itself. I am interested in the game of it all. Maybe I should become rich for the sake the game and the sake of the blog.

It would be be fun.

The first thing we must do is give up our need for security. While I was living hand to mouth I wanted nothing more than security. Now security is holding me back.

I must live hand to mouth again.

At the very least it will make the blog interesting.

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