Friday, 19 February 2016

The great Disappearing Reappearing Blog mystery.

Yesterday this blog was removed.

What was the violation? No idea.

I put in an appeal and sent it off to a faceless Google person who quickly restored the blog to me. Google deserve praise for this. I thought I would be left dangling for some time but he entire issue was resolved in about two hours.

The question remains however- what issue?

A photo posted by Richard Ford ( on
London wackiness.

How can an anonymous Social Justice Warrior make an unknown accusation and suspend my blog this way?

How can I defend myself if I am never told what I am accused of?

SJW's never act as individuals and so I can expect more attacks until they get bored with me and move on.

SJW's seem to be exempt from the normal rules of justice. They can lie with impunity and hide as they do so. My only defence is to collate the blog into an ebook and distribute this as a back up in case I lose the blog for good.

I will organise seminars, also free, to those who wish to meet me face to face.

For the record. I have read the terms of service carefully. I remain fully compliant.

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