Thursday, 18 December 2014

The differing classes of finance blog and their uses v1.0

There are a number of differing kinds of finance blogs. Many are fraudulent. One reason this blog has the small number of readers it does is that it is not one of the fraudulent ones.

First we have the 'freedom porn' site. The purpose of this sort of blog is to sell the idea of freedom. It typically shows a man in his twenties sitting on a beach with a fancy drink while looking smug. These stunts cost little to set up in real life. The man may well be living in a slum. The point is to sell the dream and convince people it is possible to make money on the Internet by selling the dream on to other dupes. It is a sophisticated chain letter and nothing else.

The test of all such schemes is to ask where the real work is done. Most victims of online fraud believe in reward without effort. This may be a mystery Nigerian who wishes to export his corrupt profits via your bank account and pay you for the privilege. Alternatively it may be a Ukranian beauty who somehow falls in love with a western man because only she can see the real person behind his beta exterior. 'Freedom porn' sites offer the hope of fairy gold that will materialise via the Internet in much the same way 419 scammers offer a quick buck and love scammers offer the possibility of romance. They have no real product to sell- only dreams of money for nothing.

Then we have the frugal site- more honest- but they still sell a lie. The lie is that it is possible to become wealthy by purchasing cheap tinned soup. No. I have improved my own life greatly through frugality but will I will need something more to be wealthy.

Then we have the more truthful site that talks about the ways in which money is really made- company ownership mainly. These blogs have few readers as they do not make the false claim that anyone may make money. One must be smart, hard working and more or less in the right place. Naturally this is bad news for the sort of person who is likely to fall for a get quick rich scheme and so they avoid honest information.

There are (as you may have noticed) many more poor people in the world than rich. The reason for this is simple. Most people cannot deal with too much reality.

The good news is that if you are still reading you may be one of the few who can.

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