Saturday, 27 December 2014

Self Promotion.

To what extent is it acceptable to self promote?

I find it difficult to boast- an unusual problem for a blogger perhaps. Nevertheless I must overcome this tendency if I am to be noticed at all.

A photo posted by Richard Ford ( on
Dick Whittington had 'Dick Whittingtons Cat' written as an act of political propaganda. Most people these days assume he is an invented character which is somewhat ironic. There is no record of Dick having any special fondness for cats.
Most self promoters on the Internet do so compulsively. They have a 'look at me' reflex and hardly care what impression they give.

The art is to promote oneself truthfully while also giving a desired impression. Actually It is quite possible to do both. All one has to do it to focus upon our goals and values and what we are doing to achieve them. Any person reading this will understand our true selves completely.

From time to time we may feel like bitching about other people, seeking pity from our audience or any number of unworthy things. Leaving this out is not a deception because they are passing distractions. Our true selves is what we do.

We must self promote for a purpose and then it becomes a noble activity.

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