Sunday, 26 October 2014

St Lawrence Jewry.

Church of a lost world.

This is St Lawrence Jewry. Sometimes I sit here waiting for the library to open. To me it is a window on a lost world.

The City flag is displayed and copies of the City guide to manhood which is called 'guide to the conduct of life' takes equal place with the bible. This is unremarkable in itself except for the fact it exists. Young men these days are cast adrift with only political correctness to guide them. The guide stresses the responsibilities a young man must take on as he becomes a father and a business owner. The guide is still studied, but no longer by young men. Every Freeman of the city must read it but by the time a man becomes a Freeman he is no longer young.

The most striking aspect is the books simplicity. There is no realtionship advice, no female psycology. The book assumes that all a man needs for a healthy love life is to work hard and be honest.

Ah! Those were the days!!
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Exterior and interior views. 

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