Saturday, 25 October 2014

Be the Shitlord!

Graphiti in London.
Feminists talk a great deal about shitlords. What is a shitlord and why are they so feared and hated?

Shitlords are described (by feminists) as 'trolls who do not know they are trolls'. In other words shitlords are people who speak their idea of truth without shame.

If we translate this into honest language we see that the shitlord is someone of integrity. They say what they believe to be true even if it goes against the official story.

We need more shitlords. Feminists talk as if only men are shitlords but I extend an invitation women as well.

Being a shitlord is actually an economic matter. If one is homeless and facing eviction one cannot be a shitlord because one must be politically correct to the authorities to get housing. The same goes for someone who becomes unemployed. One must cringe before authority and adapt oneself to their idea of a deserving person.

If you are not a shitlord make it your business to become one. You may even become an 'official' shitlord and be recognised on this blog!

I will send you a PDF certificate to print off and hang on your wall and I would also like to cover your story in order to inspire others.

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