Friday, 21 March 2014

Why do you wish to be free?

Nobody ever becomes free without a reason.
If you wish to become free but do not know why, we will find yourself unable to stimulate the genius within. This comes when we have set ourselves the goal of liberty or death!

One reason most people do not become free may simply be that they do not know why it is better than slavery.

If we have no mission in life then it really makes little difference if we become free or not. A person who has not found their mission simply has nothing worth doing with his life- so why not follow those who do? He may as well be 'normal' where he will be kept busy and distracted. At least he will not be asked to make any genuine decisions.

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Oxford feels restful and yet stimulating. This may be because all true scholarship is based upon freedom.
So my question for you today is why do we wish to be free?

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