Friday, 6 September 2013

Sex and the glass ceiling.

We hear talk of the 'glass ceiling' all the time. This is generally held to affect women of a certain age but is this really so?

Could a deeper and yet more obvious factor be at work?

A photo posted by Richard Ford ( on

The photos are of Oxford where female students outnumber male.
Women tend to earn more than men in their early careers and less later on. This is the alleged glass ceiling caused by 'sexism' and rather than objective factors.

In fact there does seem to be an objective reason. Women are beautiful and graceful in their 20's while men tend to be socially clueless. This accounts for the accelerated promotion of women.

Above 40 the situation reverses. Women become less alluring while men become silver foxes. Is it a coincidence that men catch up with women and then surpass them in earnings? This has nothing to do with 'sexism' because 'sexism' as understood by the feminists does not exist.

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