Saturday, 15 December 2012

The case for marrage trusts.

Men in the West (and Japan) are on strike . Marrage strike. It is a war that may result in our extinction.
There is no issue of greater importance than the survival of a nation. Ours is heading for extinction.
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Both photographs are from Birmingham Cathedral.

Marriage is not a good deal for men. It is good for women, good for children but not the man. How can we change this without making it a worse deal for children and women?

You may shame a man into marriage, or punish him for remaining single but these things will only work in the short term. The only solution is to make it worthwhile for everyone.

One possibility is the marriage trust. A man decides how much money he is prepared to lose though divorcee before getting married. This money is placed in a separate account that will earn a good tax free income and the money stored there will be public information.

This means that a woman who is looking for a financially secure man can look up the amount of money in his marriage fund before she marries him. This is less intrusive than the usual questioning and more honest.

Once married the couple can draw this money out to buy a property for themselves or they can keep it in place as a form of insurance against divorce.

This would mean that it would be possible to divorce without lawyers or upset. Each party would know what was due to them and resentment could be avoided.

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