Saturday, 13 October 2012

Martin Lewis does not like Premium Bonds.

Marin Lewis -the most famous money guru in the UK- does not like premium bonds. This is because they are a poor long term investment and he is absolutely correct in this. The difference between myself and Martin is that I factor in additional factors.

No one can live without hope and sometimes life can look very grey. A person in this situation might be tempted to buy lottery tickets which is why the poor buy more of the things than the rich. It is not that the poor are stupid- it is that they lack any other hope. Premium bonds can give us just enough hope to avoid these mistakes.

I look on Premium Bonds as a deposit account rather than a long term investment. Once we see them in this way they look far more attractive.

Premium Bonds are tax free which makes them a better investment for rich people than poor ones.

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The photographs are from the famous Bullring shopping center in Birmingham.

The best way to buy premium bonds is to make a regular purchase- preferably at the end of the month to minimise the 'dead' time while your bonds wait to be entered.

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