£1 November

Only £1 again? Why so little? Things take longer to come on stream than you might think.
  • I do not have much money to play with so I will play with loyalty points. My aim is 1800 points and some cash back too.
  • I get cash back at Waitrose and free coffee as well.
  • I am reducing the number of loyalty schemes I hold. It is better to hold five schemes with high balances than ten with negligible balances that cannot be redeemed.
It is quite possible to improve one's living standard without improving one's income. This month will be all about loyalty points and Instagram. My luxury frog account is stuck at 400 or so and this month I must break out of this level.

  • I use up and dispose of my old stamp cards as there is nothing as useless as a half-completed card. (£22)
  • I  take some London Instagram snaps. These always go down well with likes and follows and I think I have some talent in this area.
  • I invest in a little prepping (survivalism). This consists of 36 cans of chunky soup and 8 cans of low alcohol beer (the lightest way to carry water). The help me reach my loyalty point target. (£28)

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