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The Knights Templar.

Knights Templar

In the City we sometimes hear of the 'five flags' strategy.
  • This has become a product to be sold by City folk to rich people. The promise is that by adopting multiple forms of residence they may become immune to most national obligations. The citizen shops for a country that suits him and moves according to taste.
  • This is hugely expensive and available only to the rich. Many countries will issue non-residential passports (for a fee) so that when the taxman calls one is always somewhere else.
  • I propose a simpler and cheaper approach that will provide some of the benefits for almost no cost. It is cheaper to change one's identity than it is to change one's physical location.
  • Rather than flitting between physical locations one may flit between identities.
  • My first identity is the Knights Templar. Who are the Knights Templar? You may be told (depending on who you ask) that the Knights Templar are the product of overheated imagination, a group of right-wing nut jobs, a bunch of old men who enjoy dressing up in medieval garb or dissident academics who preserve ancient knowledge.
  • All of these are true and the confusion this causes is your friend.
  • One perk of living in London is that it is possible to go to the root of things.
Templar Knight


  • There is a great profusion of churches within the City and many (according to some rumours all) of them have secret chambers beneath them.
  • The actual, historical Knights Templar were a group of religious warriors who were recognised by the Pope for the purpose of spearheading the crusades. Later- once they had become rich and no longer useful- they were accused of witchcraft and executed. The supposed secrets of the Templar knights were never discovered and neither was the expected mountain of gold- probably because neither existed.

All Hallows by the Tower

Here we see All Hallows by the Tower where the Templar Knights met their end in England.

All Hallows by the Tower

Much of the power the Templar myths hold is due to the profusion of spooky looking places associated with them.

  • The Knights Templar continued to grow in cultural significance long after its abolition. There are no 'real' Templar knights as the order was abolished but there are more self-appointed knights than at the height of the crusades. I know of at least twenty 'Knights Templar' organisations that openly operate in the UK and there are claimed to be 7000 public orders worldwide. There are also many who operate in secret.
  • Becoming a Templar can be the most trivial thing or the most profound one. Many are engaged in the pursuit of imaginary secrets while ignoring real ones. The picture below is the Temple Church- now part of the Church of England.

Temple Church, London

  • The main powers of the Knights Templar are the legends attached to them. By becoming a Templar one takes upon oneself a great deal of mythology and becomes a larger than life figure and an enigma. Authority will treat you with respect and suspicion.
  • Below us we see the Knights Templar public house which exists just outside of the Temple itself. At least one Templar order meets here.

The Knights Templar pub, Chancery Lane

  • Membership of a Knights Templar order may also confuse officials who wish to control us. Am I really 'Sir' Richard Ford? Am I part of the establishment or not? Petty officials should be kept in a constant state of confusion and alarm.
  • If you wish to join an order then you should start with some Internet research- then meet them socially. Be clear in what you offer and what you seek.Beware of people selling 'ancient secrets'. 

We live in a dangerous world. A band of brother-knights are an insurance policy and a source of unseen influence.

Nobody knows what the Templar Knights truly are and this is the source of their power.

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  1. Becoming a Barrister, you join one of the four Inns of Court; these being; Lincoln's Inn, Gray's Inn, the Middle Temple, and the Inner Temple.
    The last two of these organisations refer to their members as "TEMPLARS".


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