Wednesday, 9 August 2017

You know what to do.

Q- Do we need to be an expert to beat the market?

I have been a great deal more successful at predicting the rise and fall of UK retailers than the finance professionals. This is not because of any special expertise but because of the lack of it. I am a customer and can see how things are going.

You could probably do just as well.

This is Weatherspoons, a cheap pub chain that sells good food. When Londoners seek a pub they talk of 'finding a Weatherspoons'. The reason they are cheap is that they have a huge floor area- which may only be filled by offering low prices.
London clubland is currently undergoing a revival. As society becomes more atomized people seek real community.

This is Liberty London. Constructed from the timbers of the last two wooden warships of the Royal Navy it offers products and a retail experience found nowhere else. Internet shopping cannot match this!

You probably already know next years big success story.

A- Focus on the one area you know something about.

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