Friday, 9 June 2017

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Q- Social media can be addictive and can even harm our mental state- yet it can also make us rich. How do we make it work for us?

Instagram is fun, addictive and popular. Unfortunately it is entirely useless to the vast majority of its users.

Instagram is a visual network and the accounts that do well offer well targeted images directed at a narrow demographic. Women with attractive bottoms and cute kittens are both popular. The art of Instagram is to give a predictable hit of dopamine to the viewer without surprising them in any way. This is why successful accounts can seem all rather 'samey'.

This is not to say that a successful account is easy. A great deal of work goes into each picture and it is an art I have not yet mastered.

I have two accounts. Life.robots aims to give practical financial help in a visual way. This is a little ambitions for such a visual medium but I can only be myself.
This picture illustrates the way in which a paperclip may do the job of a bookmark and yet will not fall out. This sort of thing will never make us rich but makes life easier.

My other account is under the name richard ford. This is closely related to my other blog and contains information on hidden places not to be found it the tourist guide books.

I recognize that making my accounts objectively useful will not make them popular- we need about 100,000 followers to make serious money from an account. If I am successful I will share my good fortune.

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