Saturday, 22 April 2017

The Quidco, Avios and Free Rice robot.

The internet is full of money making schemes. Many sound honest and could actually work but there are only three that have significantly improved my life. These are Free Rice- a sort of charitable virtue signalling thing. Avois- a not-quite-quite-free air ticket scheme and Quidco, a quite wonderful get cash back on the monthly shop scheme.

Of these only one- Quidco has paid me in actual cash. I will explain.

Free Rice is an on line quiz that awards ten grains of rice to the World Food Programme whenever we get an answer right. We cannot eat the rice ourselves- it is sent to feed the worlds poor- but the scheme is genuine and does some good. The payback for ourselves is that we become knowledgeable on a great many subjects and can win any pub quiz.

One interesting feature of Free Rice is that one can join a group and pool the rice earned. The aim is to get various philosophies competing against one another about which is the most charitable. I gave created a group called 'Free Rice virtue signallers' which must be the most honest of all the groups. I invite you to join.

Avios is a multi-retailer award scheme that allows us to collect points with very little expense or effort if it approached in the right way. If one has a huge number of points it is worthwhile spending them on long distance flights or first class tickets. If we have a smaller balance it is better to spend them on days out or or wine. I have had two crates of very good wine but no flights as it is more effective to use a budget airline for short flights.

Finally we have Quidco which is free so nobody has a reason not to get on board. I have earned £146 from this scheme which may not be a fortune but is certainly a useful lump of money.

If you join only one scheme- join Quidco.

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