Thursday, 16 March 2017

A home office.

Until recently I was a shamed man. This was due to the state of my living quarters. I worked long hours in the security industry and would throw things on the floor as I stumbled out of bed at some ungodly hour or return to collapse on my bed for instant oblivion.

It was not a life. It was existence- but now I am free.

The mountain of junk grew higher and higher and I found myself avoiding it. I had so little free time and I did not want to spend it in the flat. Eventually I even came to doubt my sanity. Who but a sick man would live in such an environment?

Despite this the remedy of the blog worked and I reduced my hours. I discovered there was nothing psychologically wrong with me and I began to deal with the clutter in a peace-meal manner. It was not that I was mentally unable to create an ordered environment- it was that I did not have the time to do so.
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I then began to wonder how much I would gain by clearing the decks completely and creating a home office. I think £100 a month is quite conservative.

One thing we must realise is that beyond a certain point the normal remedies simply will not work.

If we have a single cluttered surface we may clear it simply by taking each item and putting it in its normal place- but what if every surface is piled high with things- and much of the floor area as well? We will find that there is no correct place to put things because there is no underlying order.

The only way to deal with such chaos it to go small. I placed a laundry basket on my kitchen table and placed the first item I found in it. It was a packet of dried kidney beans.

There was no point in wedging these beans in a cupboard (so that it can fall out the moment I open the door). There was also no point in throwing away good food.

The only way to dispose of the beans would be to eat them. I therefore bought the ingredients to make a chili dish and disposed of them this way.

I discovered that I was saving money. I found that I ate out less because I now had food in the house- I was saving £44 a month without even trying.

The next item I found was porridge oats. These are cheap and nutritious and simply require me to be a sufficiently organised to have milk in the house. Next I found some popping corn.

Each item that I find and place in the basket saves me money. I think a fully organised home and a properly organised office would save me at least £100 a month. Probably more.

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