Tuesday, 28 February 2017


This last couple of weeks has been unproductive and it makes me mad! I have an excuse (of sorts) in that I have a cold that drags on and on- but why am I allowing this to happen? I conclude the best thing I can do for my finances is get well and so I buy a bag of fruit and feel better pretty much immediately. Apart from eating fruit I sleep- and this is about it.

I tell myself that fruit eating and sleeping are the most valuable things I can do right now and yet I know I should be doing something more with my life.

This frustration with myself and my achievements is both a positive and a negative emotion. It is negative to beat myself up but underneath this is the realisation that I can do much, much more than I am. If you ever find yourself doing the same you can at least know that it is a form of self belief.
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Brother Antelope! Welcome!! This is why I love the City.

What has life taught me recently?

It has taught me the value of a good diet. This can only be changed gradually (unless I am prepared to throw out food I have already bought). I am taking multivitamins, garlic, and cod liver oil and I am also removing temptation  by using all by brown sauce and not replacing it.

Brown sauce is used to make unhealthy food palatable. Most sausages are not that appetising on their own so we put sauce on them. When I neglect to do this I am aware of the full greasy horror and tend not to enjoy them much.

What is needed is not 'willpower' but to taste the true flavor of things- the body will than make the right choice.

I also decided to make a series of YouTube films about the City. I was unable to do so as my filming location (the Guildhall) was full of these colorful chaps.

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