Thursday, 23 February 2017

Small things.

The doldrums and how to avoid them.

Much of the last two weeks was spent in an uncreative slump. I was 'working' in the Temple area of London at a job that required me to be there but not much more. I expected it to be creative heaven and yet nothing came.

Why not?

One reason is that we need deadlines to get things done. The art of being creative is to have sufficient stress to stir oneself to action but not so much that one is crushed by it. It is a dosing issue.
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The value of small tasks.

I was also suffering from a cold that leeched of my get up and go from me. This taught me the value of looking after myself. In order to be creative one must do better than not being ill- one must actively feel well. I began to eat better and realised this was actually useful work if it gave me back my creative spark.

I win some Avios I do not really want.

A little while I registered my debit card with the Avios site and then bought a mediocre cup of coffee with it to earn myself some Avios. The Avios appeared im my account and I realised that unwanted Avios do not justify unwanted coffee.

I have discovered the purpose of this blog.

I read a great many personal finance blogs while I was in the doldrums and sorted them into the following classes.

Frugal housekeeping.
Home based business.

Frugal housekeeping, home based business and consumer/luxury and green blogs are written almost exclusively by women and I think it is difficult for a man to break into the sector. This is because frugal housekeeping is only possible if someone else is doing the work outside of the home. These blogs are very interesting but it is unlikely a single working person would have the time to implement the solutions they suggest.

Home based business blogs are female led for much the same reason. These blogs can make money but I would not like to pay a mortgage on the back of one. The advantage is family friendly hours.

Consumer/luxury blogs are where a glamorous woman travels free of charge to upmarket hotels and wears expensive (free) clothing given to her by luxury brands who wish to be seen. She presents her life as a permanent holiday and maybe it is- but this seems to be a road only open to women at present.

Green blogs are where a person reduces consumption for environmental reasons. This a lifestyle chosen mainly by white women and for this reason women tend to find readers easier to find.

Prepper/homesteading blogs are produced by both men and women but have little circulation in the UK. In any case, I cannot write on this subject without land.

Finally we have the investment blog- these are mainly written by men but I cannot write abut the markets unless I am fully invested in them.

It would seem I am snookered. What is my USP?

You may read The London Money for the drama.

The drama of my life is the bills I pay- the most universal of human dramas. You will learn things along the way but my blog will not become a book of instructions.

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