Friday, 20 January 2017

Time management.

I investigate minimalism- the drastic solution to personal organization. 
I have always found time management a waste of time in the past. Will it waste my time again or will I achieve productivity by drastic clutter reduction?

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Round and round we go! The stairway resembles my previous efforts at self organization.
I start my search for simplicity and order on the Internet.

My first visit was to the normally useless Huffington Post . I was pleasantly surprised. To-do lists are out (according to HuffPo)) and time blocking is in. This is where we devote a certain period to cracking on with a particular task to the exclusion of all others. Focus.

I start my research with The Minimalists and in the spirit of minimalism read only the first page! This is what I want. Less clutter, less stress and less to think about. I do not need to do anything to achieve this- simply dispose of some of what I have.

What is leeching energy from me?

An excess of general clutter.

Unanswered email and snail mail.
Multiple to-do lists on my Apple 'reminders' app.
I will limit my tasks to three items as any more results in overwhelm and defeat.

Clutter simply cannot be thrown out, which is the usual advice offered. This is because it is only clutter because it is disordered. Properly organized it is highly useful.

Despite this fact it is possible to reduce its bulk over time. I have set myself a 'one in, one out' rule. When I buy some food I eat it and keep the bag it came in. This bag must then be filled with rubbish and discarded. Some of this will be food wrappings from my original shopping but most will not. This is because food wrappings are less bulky than the food it came with and I must therefore find something else to throw away with it.

Over time my home will clear of rubbish and I will find myself with the mental energy to go over to the offensive and carry out a spring clean. Right now I can only pick over the surface items.

I will also reduce my snail mail and email in the same gradual way. I generally have about 400 emails in my box which is absurd. I should have only three a day or maybe less so I will do some unsubscribing.

I feel fairly sure that if I do these things I will save myself five hours a week and this will allow me to go deeper and become more organized still.

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