Thursday, 19 January 2017

Upload supermarket receipts.

My first mission! What shall it be?. 
I earn seven pence and forty Avios online. Small beginnings.
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Gateway to the Temple in the City of London.
I have installed habits that may bring in money over the longer term. One of these is uploading supermarket receipts through my Quidco Click Snap app. This earns me the princely sum of 1p per upload so far.

I have also joined Tesco Orchard and Tesco Views so maybe I can do better as time goes on.

This year I did something I failed to do in previous years- I used all my cafe vouchers and stamps before they became invalid in 2017- yay!

In the longer term I hope to make some affiliate income from my blogs- but my traffic is far too low to do this at present. I have added an Amazon advert to the site but do not expect much from it yet.

I am experimenting with something called Project Boron. This is a sort of loyalty scheme fopr my Facebook friends. I cannot pay cash- but I think I can offer benefits in kind.

Look to the right of the page and you will see posts are now sorted into 'levels'. The reader may start with relatively simple material on level 0 and work their way to higher levels in good time.

Level 0- this is where we all start, with thrift and penny pinching.

Level 1- Wise spending, cheap holidays and so on. This is what we do with the money we saved on the previous level.

Level 2- Where we find paying hobbies and alternative sources of money. A fun level!

Level 3- Financial trading for the brave.

Level 4- Storing and preserving wealth.


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